Our Thoughts about Democracy -

Often we are asked to describe what the word democracy means. And more often we can see discussions between people because their understanding of democracy is slightly different from each other. In my case, democracy is the way of life when you can express yourself freely and discuss your favorite subjects with your friends.

Julius Seporaitis

Democracy is a life style of smart, intelligent, tolerant and life-loving human being. It's my way of living with democracy, but one more question is left unanswered - what is YOUR way of understanding democracy?
Giedrius Kalvanas

Humans are the most miraculous creations of the earth. They often need warmth, tolerance, freedom and equality. Democracy is a power which can give it all. It is like love - you cannot describe it in one word, however, you can feel it when exists.

Giedrius Mozeiko

Democracy is an asset in the contemporary world. Comparing with the Middle Ages we have the right to say what we think. It doesnít matter whether our opinion is different from others or not. While in the Middle Ages a person who was thinking in a different way was usually killed. So, in my opinion, democracy makes the world go round which is most significant.
Raimundas Bilyk

Democracy means freedom, human rights and peace. It also means respecting each other, other countries, cultures and religions.

Sandra Jasuityte

It is difficult to say what democracy is. I canít touch it and feel whether it is warm or chilly, I canít see it and decide if it is pretty or ugly, neither can I taste it. So I donít know delicious or disgusting it is. I only can say what I feel. I feel the spirit of democracy because I live in democratic society, where my rights are protected, where all the citizens are equal and free.

Ausra Juozapaityte

I think that democracy is not only a form of government. Democracy also is the way to live, to breathe in freedom, understanding that every person is important and valuable, has dignity, responsibility and liberty. I joined this project with a purpose to communicate with others, find out how democratic our schools are and how democratic we are.

Vaida Jurgaityte

Iím very glad that I have a chance to participate in this project. Itís good when you can contact with other students from other countries.

Orinta Zvigaityte

Iím really very pleased that I have been involved in this international project. Itís a great opportunity to gain konwledge of history, improve our English, to learn how to work in a group and communicate with people of other nationalities. I believe that this project will give us much experience in such kind of work. Itís wonderful to be with such a creative and friendly team! When we are together, we can do much more! To know and to learn is happiness.

Gintare Vasiliauskaite